Scott & White Hospital Sued Again

Posted on March 30, 2012 at 3:15pm by

On March 12, a KCEN advertising executive, Jerry Crocker, filed suit against Scott &White Memorial hospital.  The suit stemmed from a misstep by Scott & White when they left an 8 inch metal retractor in his abdomen following surgery to remove cancer from his stomach.  Crocker alleges that this caused him even more health problems.

After Crocker received a six figure bill for surgeries performed at Scott & White, and after he had multiple surgeries following his original surgery, he decided it was time to file the lawsuit.

Crocker believes the subsequent three surgeries and complications were a direct result of the retractor left behind.  Crocker originally believed that he would spend about 5 days in the hospital recuperating from his original cancer surgery, yet what ensued was a 17 day hospital stay, 25 percent of his total weight lost, and he was not able to receive planned chemotherapy or radiation for cancer.

Scott & White has admitted to leaving the retractor in his abdomen, but they vehemently deny that it caused the need for the additional surgeries.

It was only after Crocker’s abdomen was swollen “like a pregnant woman” that Scott & White decided to perform a cat scan and x-ray to ascertain the cause.  Additionally, Crocker developed sepsis in his system, which is a condition in which the blood pressure drops and major organs and body systems stop working properly.

Scott & White stated that “the hospital offered Crocker a financial settlement before the case was filed”.  Crocker declined acceptance, and Scott & White increased the offer.

Crocker lamented:  “It’s an interesting situation.  It bothers me, the things that could have been said but weren’t.”


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